January 2022 Product Release Notes

In addition to minor updates and bug fixes, significant updates from the January 2022 release will be highlighted below.

Product Updates

Root Goal Subscription (Individual Learning Objectives)

Allowing educators to make real-time decisions in their students’ learning is a necessary option when it comes to creating differentiated instruction. In order to facilitate this in a more seamless way, FocalPoint has released a new feature that will allow you to select ‘root goals’ and assign (or ‘subscribe’) to just selected students within your Community.


Once you’ve assigned the new learning objective, you will navigate to the ‘members’ tab. Within the ‘members’ tab you can then select ‘Goal Subscription’ to select or deselect which ‘members’ are subscribed to which objectives.


Credential Search Feature in Backpack

As students accumulate credentials in their Backpack, the ability to search for specific badges will be helpful in filtering and reviewing their portfolio. FocalPoint has updated Backpack with a search feature to help with this.


“Quiz” now called “Assessment”

Realizing that assessment types may be categorized differently depending on your district, lesson planning, etc., to make naming conventions more standardized, FocalPoint has removed the terminology ‘quiz’ and renamed as ‘assessments.’


Topic Level “Stickiness”

Being able to view content while navigating in the FocalPoint platform and return to that same spot is a needed feature for users. This update allows you to leave the screen and return to the same spot you left.


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