May 22nd 2023 Release Notes



  • Fixed: We have fixed the following issues related to badge awarding:
    • Duplicate badges being awarded for a student in certain situations.
    • Adjusted the UI to ensure that newly awarded badges always appear.
    • Addressed a situation where deleted users were some times showing up in the badge UI.
  • Fixed: We have fixed an issue where Time on Task of less than 1 minute was not showing correctly.
  • Fixed: We have addressed an issue in the Benchmark Test Administration screen where only the active Grades and Subjects are dynamically loaded.
  • Fixed: We have addressed the following benchmark issues:
    • Selected standards are no longer shuffling. Standards order is now fixed.
    • We addressed an issue related to the saving of standard and pagination. Updates on pages other than one should now save correctly.
    • We addressed an issue related to the Standards Refresh which was showing previous unit/subject's standards when the current one did not have any benchmarks.
    • fixed an issue related to standard's being deleted and impacting the associated standards with a test.
  • Fixed: We fixed an issue preventing the Insert Media icon from appearing in certain situations when editing an Announcement in the Assessment Center in LearningTree.
  • Fixed: We fixed a page scroll issue with certain LTI content which was preventing users from scrolling to the bottom of the page.
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