September 3rd 2023 Release Notes



  • Fixed: An issue was addressed which in certain cases was preventing student course usage dashboard from loading when a user was navigating to the course usage tab in the report card and activity section for a student.
  • Fixed: An issue was fixed which was incorrectly displaying the name of the student on a awarded badge instead of the teacher.



  • New: A change was made to the report card allowing teachers to click on an activity which will open an activity preview.
  • New: A change was made to improve the user experience in a Community by addressing an issue to ensure that progress dashboards are updated when users clicks on them. This change also ensures that unpublished activities are excluded from the count
  • New: Improvements were made to the QR code size for awarded badges in multiple locations in the platform. Specifically, the QR code size was reduced in the student backpack, credentials dashboard for administrator/teachers, and the badge details pop-up.



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