December 2021 Product Release Notes

December 2021 Release Notes *PDF version of release notes attached

In addition to minor updates and bug fixes, significant updates from the December 2021 release will be highlighted below.

Product Updates

Student “Time on Task”

As students complete work, they will now see their cumulative time on task per activity. If the activity is for a grade, the completion date and time will appear as well.


Feedback Updates

Two updates for teacher feedback have been added.

  • When educator leaves feedback for a student, the student can no longer delete it. They can now only reply to it.
  • Teachers can now only leave feedback on completed activities. The option for feedback will not appear on activities that have not been submitted.


New Location of “Logout” Button

The logout button has been moved from My Profile to its own spot on the toolbar.


Student profiles can now be exported

Students and educators can now export a student’s portfolio into Excel.



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