April 2023 Release Notes



  • A product change was made allowing for the Assistive Technology providers to be set at the tenant level.



  • Fixed: We have fixed an issue related to the alt attribute for the image not saving on the question update. Alternative text should now be more reliably saved when editing a question.
  • Fixed: We have fixed an issue preventing students from seeing upcoming (within the next month) announcements.
  • Fixed: We have fixed an issue with user profile images preventing them from showing in the member section of the community.
  • Fixed: We have fixed an issue with the student default image showing in the QTI player. The default student image in the upper right corner should now show correctly.
  • Fixed: Assorted bubble sheet print issues to include:
    • When a bubble sheet is printed from the exam menu, the “Upload Answer Sheet” should show up without requiring a page refresh.
    • After uploading files from the “Upload Answer Sheet”, the benchmark details should be refreshed automatically without requiring a page refresh.
    • Exam status now provides an updated message explaining that exam status is not updated until all printed sheets are uploaded for a user.
    • Upload is now only shown in the student menu list for students having bubble sheets enable in test accommodations.
    • Upload is now shown until the activity is scored successfully.
    •  Activity progress now immediately updates the activity status once answer sheets are uploaded.
    • While uploading an Answer Sheet from “Upload Answer Sheet”, a pop-up loader will be shown.
  • Fixed: An issue in fill-in-the-blank questions when the “>” or “<” characters were used. These characters will no longer impact the question.
  • Fixed: An issue was addressed causing the Test Preview and Test Summary to shuffle answers.
  • Fixed: An issue with Google Drive file uploads in which the input box was expecting some text entry. This has been fixed.
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