March 2023 Release Notes


  • Ability to Re-Open Benchmark Assessments
    • The ability to re-open benchmark exams has been added for admins, on top of already being able to reset benchmark exams.
  • Ability to Override Provider Assessment Time Limit Settings
    • When assigning an assessment, users can now override the default assessment time limit settings. If the assessment has no time limit by default, a time limit can be given by selecting the 'No Time Limit' toggle, and entering in the Maximum Time in minutes. If the assessment has a time limit by default, the time limit can be changed, or 'No Time Limit' can be toggled on.
  • Ability to Prevent Students Changing Profile Pictures
    • FocalPoint now has the ability to prevent students from changing their profile pictures. This option needs to be activated by FocalPoint at the tenant level.


  • Fixed: Activity details were not showing in activity preview, edit, and launch.
  • Fixed: Badge descriptions were showing in encoded format in the credentials dashboard.
  • Fixed: Navigation issue in a community's Report Card when clicking the prev and next arrows.
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