February 2023 Release Notes


  • Time Zones at the Site Level
    • Sites are now able to have different time zones within the same tenant.
    • To edit a site's time zone, on the 'Add/Edit Site' screen, select the 'Time Zone' drop-down, and select the correct time zone, then select 'Save'.


    • By default, sites will be set at the tenant's time zone, unless changed.
  • Ability to Change 'Reset Password' Temporary Password (Admin access only)
    • In an admin account, Select 'Edit' next to a user's name in Administration.Screenshot_2023-02-24_151716.png
    • In the 'Add/Edit Learner' screen, type the desired password (default will be abcd1234#), then select 'Reset Password'.


  • Fixed: A horizontal scrollbar has been added to Data Dashboards and Data Reports (when necessary), for easier navigation.
  • Fixed: When viewing Questions, selecting Question Usage will correctly show all tests the question is in.
  • Fixed: Sharing badges to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Fixed: Google SSO users will no longer see the 'Force Change Password' screen.
  • Fixed: Google SSO users will no longer see the 'Enter Email' screen.
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