Checking Your Student's Progress as a Parent

As students work, FocalPoint tracks their progress and grades to compile reports. There are many ways to view course progress/grades within the parent portal. In this article, we'll highlight the main areas:


 Viewing course progress/grade on the Learning Tree landing page:

      • On the Learning Tree landing page, you'll see a list of all courses your student is enrolled in. On the course tile, you will see a color-coded circular ring representing course progress and course grade. Hovering over the ring will show you the grade/progress percetnage.  mceclip0.png

Viewing course progress/grade within a course: 


  • By clicking on the course tile, you will have access to three progress tools: Report Card, Progress. and Course Usage. Below, you will see these icons highlighted on the course toolbar. 


The Report Card shows you a breakdown of activities, their status (completed or not started), the score earned, and what level of performance was demonstrated. You will also see the color-coded overall grade percentage for the course. Please note the colors and performance titles (ie beginner, developing, etc.) are customized at the district level. 

To export to excel, click the 3-dot menu and then select 'Export Report Card'



The Progress tab is a dashboard for you to organize and analyze your student's data. You can create custom reports focused on data points in an adaptable pivot table format. If you are an excel guru, this report is for you! 



The Course Usage Dashboard gives insight into your student's activity in the course. It displays information related to logging in, the total length of the session, the last time your student logged in, and a visual display of the activity by month.



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