Introduction to Voice of the Customer (VoC) program

We created a Voice of the Customer (VoC) team to assist customers with product concerns. Specifically, the VoC team aims to:

  • Provide a great customer experience for those who struggle with product limitations and usability issues
  • Offer customer with the ability to participate in the solution discovery and design.
  • Advocate for those important issues with the Product team to ensure that our roadmap is aligned with our customers’ most pressing needs

How we do this

When you share feedback to us, we typically follow these steps:

  1. Engage with you to make sure we understand your problem and its impact; this is a prerequisite to being able to outline potential solutions.
  2. Collect and curate feedback overtime to find meaningful, impactful stories that have the potential to solve many issues simultaneously.
  3. Advocate for those stories with the Product team.
  4. Help the Product team engage with the right customers when tackling specific stories.

Customer benefits and expectations

In an ideal world, where resources are limitless, we would act on all the feedback you kindly provide us. However, as we have constraints, we need to make sure that we tackle the largest, most important problems first. So it is possible that months might pass before we can act on your feedback.

However, this does not mean that your feedback is not important. All feedback helps us solidify a story or hypothesis about the product. Furthermore, as you share issues with us, we offer:

  • A complete answer about options and related development (i.e. betas)
  • Personal curation of your feedback (i.e. feedback is read by one VoC team member)
  • An update when we have related development about your feedback

Who can participate and how

Anyone who is a current, past, or future FocalPoint user can participate.  If you have feedback to share, please send us a ticket outlining the problem and its impact. 

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