Introducing LearningTree

We are excited to announce the launch of a new product

LearningTree - Enabling Student Success with Adaptive & Immersive Learning


Pedagogical research has proven the efficacy of adaptive and immersive learning technologies, demonstrating that adaptive learning optimizes learning success while immersive learning sparks critical thinking and collaboration.

FocalPointK12 LearningTree™ platform seamlessly combines both adaptive learning with immersive learning technology to deliver a better engagement experience to students.

  • LearningTree includes a learning adapter powered by xAPI and LRS technology that allows learning to occur in mobile devices with applications delivering Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality educational content.
  • LearningTree consists of an adaptive learning engine powered by Machine Learning algorithms that delivers a personal learning experience based on individual needs, learning styles and preferences.”
  • LearningTree enables educators to customize content based on student performance and mastery on various topics and subtopics. Educators can set specific goals for the student and create assessments based on mastery demonstrated by students.
  • LearningTree uses cutting edge technologies and industry-leading tools to empower students and educators with the resources needed to achieve their goals. It supports self-paced learning through learning modules that can be customized by teachers based on students performance, knowledge and mastery in various topics and subtopics.
  • Using Machine Learning and Advanced Algorithms, LearningTree recommends resources based on student behavior and interests, providing personalized learning progression.
  • LearningTree embeds a next-generation online assessment engine, data dashboards with standards mastery, item analysis reports and a digital content library with open educational resources.

LearningTree can be easily integrated into any Learning Management System using the Deep Linking LTI technology.

To learn more about LearningTree, contact FocalPointK12.


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