How can I make resources available to students prior to giving them access to take the assessment?

Note:  The steps below require you to have set-up resources and folders in the ContentCloudTM.  Please refer to the ContentCloudTM Teacher Manual (“How do I Create Folders & Use Folders”) for guidance on completing those tasks.
  • As a teacher, you have the option of sharing targeted resources that you can place in the assessment module to help students prepare for the test. To share resources, select the ‘Resources’ Tab.

  • Select ‘Share my folders’.

  • Check the folder you wish to share.

  • Select the ‘Select/Deselect Folders’ tab to return. You will then see the folder with the resources you have placed in the folder available in the assessment module. Please refer to the section, “How do I create folders & use folders?’ under the ContentCloudTM to learn how to create your Folders and how to populate them with resources.
  • Students now can enter the assessment module prior to taking the test and have access to supporting resources that can help prepare them for mastery.
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