How do I limit student access to the test until I am ready to administer the test to students?

  • By default, the assessment is ‘Deactivated’. This means that the students have access to the assessment module but are unable to launch and take the test until you allow them to do so. Keeping the test ‘deactivated’ insures that students are unable to take the test; however, they do have the ability to preview the requirements of the test, the badge they can earn, and any resources (study guides, vocabulary, activities, etc.) that you have placed to be shared to help them prepare for the test.
Note:  The process by which you can share resources with students appears below.
  • Once you are ready to have the students take the test, you will need to activate the test by selecting the ‘Test Status’ toggle which, when ‘Activated’, will turn from gray to bright You also activate or deactivate the test for individual or groups of students. This is helpful if you have students who are absent that day or who are in your course but are not yet ready to take the test and should not have access yet.



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