How do I assign a Test and place it inside a course/classroom?

  • Select the Assessment Center located on the left side of the page under “Learning” Menu. Use the Course selection menu to select the course/class you wish to assign the Test to.  


  • Select the ‘Assessments’ Tab. The ‘Assessment’ Tab allows you the option of assigning a quiz (assessment), a discussion, or an assignment. Click on "Add assessment" button.



  • Provide the title, start date, due date, and a description/comment using the noted fields. The name and description/comments filled out will be visible for students to see in the virtual classroom. You can always edit this information at any time so if you need to adjust the start and due date of the assessment you can easily do so.

 Note:  The ‘Due Date’ you select will determine the filter under which your test will appear under ‘Activities’ once created.  Using the same ‘Start Date’ and ‘Due Date’ will result in you seeing your new test under the ‘Today’ filter only.

  • After completing this information, you will now need to find the test and add it to the course. To do so, select the ‘Find Test’ Tab. Locate the assessment you wish to assign by typing the name of the assessment into the search bar. Or, you can also find the test by simply clicking the ‘Find Test’ tab and then sort from newest to oldest. You can find other tests by sorting oldest to newest, A-Z or Z-A order.

  • After finding your test, select the ‘Add’ Tab on the right side of the test and the test will then be assigned.

  • Confirm that the test has been placed in the field and that the Title, Description, start/due date is correct. Then click on the ‘Save’ tab.

  • You will then receive a pop-up notification confirming that your test has been created successfully. You will now see the assessment available in the course under both the ‘Assessments’ Tab and in the course page.
Note:  Whether you will see your test under the ‘Today’, ‘This Week’, or ‘This Month’ filter will be determined by the ‘Due Date’ you indicated in Test Details.

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