LENS Confidential Reporting Guide

LENS Confidential Reporting User Guide

The LENS Confidential Reporting User Guide is a comprehensive document that provides step-by-step instructions and information on using the LENS Reporting module. This guide aims to familiarize users with the various features and functionalities available within the web-based reporting application.

The LENS is a powerful web-based reporting application designed to provide interactive access to student assessment data. It allows users to analyze and explore assessment information in a user-friendly and customizable manner. The application offers features such as data disaggregation by student subgroups, a dashboard for visualizing data, tabular views for detailed information, the ability to drill down into specific details, and the option to export data to PDF or Excel formats.

Key Features and Functionality:

  1. Interactive Access: The LENS Reporting module offers users interactive access to student assessment data, enabling them to explore and analyze information based on their specific needs and requirements.

  2. Data Disaggregation: Users can disaggregate assessment data by various student subgroups such as grade levels, demographic characteristics, English language proficiency, and more. This feature allows for in-depth analysis and comparison of student performance across different groups.

  3. Dashboard View: The application provides a dashboard view that offers a visual representation of key performance indicators and trends. Users can quickly grasp the overall assessment status and identify areas that require further examination.

  4. Tabular Views: Tabular views present assessment data in a structured format, allowing users to review detailed information for specific subgroups, schools, or districts. These views enable users to compare and analyze data comprehensively.

  5. Drill-Down Functionality: The LENS Confidential Reporting module supports a "click-thru" drilling feature, which allows users to delve deeper into the data. By clicking on specific data points, users can access more detailed information and gain insights into individual student performance.

  6. Exporting Data: Users have the ability to export data from the LENS Confidential Reporting module in PDF or Excel formats. This feature enables users to save and share assessment data for further analysis or reporting purposes.

The LENS Reporting User Guide serves as a valuable resource for users of the LENS Confidential Reporting module. By following the instructions and utilizing the features outlined in the guide, users can effectively navigate the application and leverage its functionalities to gain insights and make data-driven decisions based on student assessment data.

Note: This user guide provides an overview of general features and functionalities. For specific instructions and detailed information, please refer to the official LENS Confidential Reporting User Guide provided by your State Education Agency.

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