User & Roster Management Guide (DAC Only)

LENS User & Roster Management Guide (DAC Only)

The LENS User & Roster Management Guide is a resource designed to assist District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) in managing user accounts and rosters within the LENS application. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for adding users to the LENS system using the user upload template.

User Management Process:

  1. Obtain the User Upload Template: The LENS Administrator will provide you with an Excel file called the "User Upload Template." This template serves as the basis for adding users to the LENS application.

  2. Prepare the User Upload Template: Open the User Upload Template in Excel. Fill in the required information for each user to be added, such as their name, contact details, roles, and any other necessary information.

  3. Save the Updated User Upload Template: After completing the user information in the template, save the file with a recognizable name and ensure it is in Excel format.

  4. Access User Management in LENS: Log in to the LENS application with your credentials. Navigate to the User Management page, where you can manage user accounts and rosters.

  5. Upload Users: On the User Management page, locate the "Upload Users" button in the top right corner. Click on this button to initiate the user upload process.

  6. Select the User Upload Template: When prompted, select the updated User Upload Template file that you prepared in Step 3.

  7. User Upload Confirmation: The system will process the uploaded data and confirm the successful upload of users. Any errors or issues encountered during the upload will be displayed, allowing you to rectify them if needed.

  8. Repeat the Process for Adding Additional Users: If you need to add more users at a later stage, use an empty User Upload Template and only include the details of the new users. Follow the same process outlined above to upload the new users.

The LENS User & Roster Management Guide provides a clear process for District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) to manage user accounts and rosters within the LENS application. By following the instructions in this guide, DACs can effectively add users using the provided User Upload Template. For more detailed instructions and information, please refer to the attached guide provided by your LENS Administrator.

Note: The attached guide contains specific instructions and templates tailored to your LENS application. For accurate and comprehensive guidance, please refer to the provided User & Roster Management Guide document.

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