How to Change District Assessment Coordinator (DAC)

To change the District Assessment Coordinator (DAC), please follow these steps:

  1. Contact your State Education Agency responsible for managing the DAC administration.

  2. Inform them about the need to change the DAC for your district.

  3. Provide the necessary details of the new DAC, such as their name, contact information, and any other required information.

  4. The State Education Agency will guide the new DAC on the process to upload their details in the State system.

  5. Once the new DAC's information is successfully added and updated in the State system, they will gain the necessary permissions and responsibilities.

  6. After the State system has been updated, notify the appropriate personnel or department responsible for managing LEA (Local Education Agency) accounts.

  7. The FocalPoint support team will then add the new DAC to the LENS platform and provide them with the necessary access credentials and login information for their LEA account.

By following these steps, the District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) can be changed effectively and the new DAC can be granted access to FocalpointK12. Ensure proper communication and coordination between the State Education Agency and FocalpointK12 for a smooth transition.

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