Taking an Assigned District Benchmark - Student

  • To take an assigned district benchmark as a student, begin by selecting Learning > Assessment Center.


  • In the Assessment Center, select the appropriate course, if necessary, by using the 'Select Course' icon.


  • In the 'Assessments' section on the Home tab, select 'Exams', where all district assigned benchmarks will appear.
    • This can also be done by selecting the 'Assessments' tab, selecting 'Assessment List', then selecting 'Exam'.


  • Select the appropriate district assigned benchmark.
  • On the assessment screen, students can view the benchmark information, including name, assessment type, description, and associated standards.
  • To begin the benchmark, select 'Launch Test'


  • This will open the assessment's instruction screen. Selecting 'Begin Test' will start the benchmark.Screenshot__728_.png
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