Accessing Badges as a Learner

Goal – Learners will be able to view their awarded badges

1. After logging into FocalPoint, select Backpack.


2. On the ‘My Backpack’ screen, learners will be able to see all badges that have been awarded to them.

    • Learners can search for badges by using the provided filters and/or the search bar.

3. By clicking on the more options icon next to any badge, learners will have the options to add the badge to a folder or view the badge’s details.

Screenshot__161_.png  Screenshot__366_.png

    • ‘Add to Folder’ allows learners to organize their badges into folders, which they can create and manage in the ‘FOLDERS’ tab.
    • ‘Details’ will show further details of the badge, including date earned, recipient, criteria, issuer, and the blockchain address.
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