Course Designer: Learning Tab - Adding Activities to Child Objectives (Units)

To add an activity, you’ll click on the 3-dot menu icon on the unit you’d like the activity to be located in. When adding activities, you can either add from scratch or search from the activity catalog. In the 3-dot menu, click on Add Activity (from scratch) or Search Activity (from activity catalog).





  • Select Add Activity to add an activity from scratch. The Activity Type menu will pop-up. Please note these options are customized by your district- you may not have all activity types as below. Select the activity type you’d like to create.


Articles on activity types can be found here 


  • Select Search Activity to add an activity from the activity catalog. When viewing the catalog, you can filter many ways, including course name, object type, standard, etc. You can also search by keyword. Clicking on the title hyperlink will allow you to preview the activity. To add the activity, click the mceclip2.png.


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