Course Designer: Adding New Course Designer Communities from Scratch or IMSCC File

There are two ways you can add a community: by scratch or by importing a Common Cartridge via IMSCC file. Importing IMSCC courses will allow you to import a course from another provider if you have the IMSCC file. Once you’ve created or imported your community, editing the community is the same.



Adding New Community from Scratch

To create a community from scratch, click on the 3-dot menu and select the option Add New Community. A window will open for you to type in the name and description of the new community. Once done, click Save.


Adding New Community from IMSCC File

To add a course with an IMSCC file, click on the 3-dot menu and select the option Import IMSCC Course. Next, choose your "Course Provider" , "IMSCC file" and click Preview Community. Once you are done previewing your community, click Save.



Check the progress of an IMSCC course:

Upon clicking the save button to save the IMSCC file, users can view the progress of the course, indicating how much has been loaded.

Here are the rephrased steps:

  1. Access the three-dot menu located in the upper right corner Screenshot_2023-06-05_at_7.04.14_pm.png.
  2. Select the option for IMSCC course progress.Screenshot_2023-06-05_at_6.57.14_pm.png
  3. Observe the course's loading status to see how much has been completed.Screenshot_2023-06-05_at_6.57.28_pm.png

View the course content after successful completion:

Upon successfully saving the IMSCC file, users can access and view the course content.




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