Learning Tree Resources: Creating a Question (article)

To create a question, click   in located at the top right-hand side of the Questions tab. Once you are done creating your question, click 


Question Option Details:

  • Type: Question type options are Extended Text, EBSR, Fill in the blank, Match, and Order
  • Allow Calculator: Scientific, basic or no calculator options
  • Shuffle Choice: If turned on, the question answers will be randomized
    • Not available for written response type questions
  • Multiple Response: If turned on, the question can have multiple answer options
  • Points: The point value you’d like a student to receive for a correct response
  • Negative Mark: The point value you’d like to be taken away from student if incorrect answer
    • Leave as 0 if you don’t want to include negative marks

NOTE - Copying and pasting text directly into the FocalPoint platform may lead to an unwanted format when creating a question. Best practice is to copy and paste the text into a notepad to remove the formatting, and then copy and paste into the text box OR typing and formatting directly in FocalPoint.

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