Learning Tree Resources: Questions (article)

All FocalPoint, district and teacher created questions are housed in this tab. Here, you can view existing questions, create a new question, or modify a question. Questions can be filtered by subject, grade, topic, standard, Item Style, DOK, Lexile, etc.


Question Menu Options:

  • Preview: launches the question for you to view
  • Edit: This will allow you to edit the question, answer choices, etc.
    • Will only appear on questions you created or copied
  • Add to Folder: Add to a folder you created or was shared with you. Folders help you organize your questions.
  • Delete: This will allow you to delete the question from FocalPoint
    • Will only appear for questions you created or copied.
  • Question Usage: Number of tests the question has appeared in throughout tenant
  • Report a Problem: Report an issue with the question to FocalPoint
  • Make a Copy: Copy question to make your own. Please refer below for more details
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