About Me, Portfolio, Career, and Notification Preferences (article)

About Me: In this section, you can share information with your teacher(s) to know more about you, your learning styles, and interests. Sections include Strengths, Weaknesses, Passions, Talents, Interests, Learning Styles, Academic Strengths, Study Time, Ownership Spirit, Learning Preferences, Personal Likes, My Future Life, Activities I Enjoy Doing, Friend and Family Best Describe Me, Introvert/Extrovert, Recreation, and Expression.
Portfolio: This is a place to upload and save documents and resources you’d like to share and save. You can access things added to your portfolio at any time.
Career: This section allows you to share how you see your career path and your readiness towards those career goals. Sections include My Careers, My Course Map, Clusters I’m Interested, and additional questions about your goals post high school graduation.
Notification Preferences: In this section you can use the toggle to turn on or off any notifications. All notifications that are enabled as ‘on’ will display in your notification icon on your top right toolbar on your home screen.


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