Accommodation options

1. Read Aloud:

The Read Aloud accommodation is designed to assist students who require auditory support during exams. When this accommodation is enabled, the application will read aloud the question content to the student on clicking Text to speech button while taking the test. This feature aids individuals with reading difficulties, visual impairments, or those who prefer auditory learning.

2. Bubble Sheets:

The Bubble Sheets accommodation offers a solution for paper-based exams. By enabling this accommodation, the system generates customized bubble sheets for students. When a teacher prints a bubble sheet for an exam, then the resulting PDF will exclusively contain tokens corresponding to the questions relevant to the students with this accommodation.

3. Extended Time:

The Extended Time accommodation grants eligible students 1.5 times the maximum test time for completing their exams.  For example, if the standard test time for an exam is 60 minutes, a student with Extended Time accommodation will have 90 minutes to complete the exam. This accommodation is particularly valuable for students who require more time due to learning disabilities, language barriers, or other reasons.

4. Pause Test:

The Pause Test accommodation introduces a feature that empowers students to pause their exams whenever necessary. When a student chooses to pause the test, the countdown clock halts, ensuring that no time is lost. The student can then resume the test at their convenience, allowing them to address unforeseen interruptions or personal requirements without the pressure of a ticking clock.

5. Calculator:

Enabling the Calculator accommodation offers students the ability to use a calculator during their exams. This accommodation benefits those subjects or questions that involve complex calculations, fostering a conducive environment for accurate problem-solving.


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