Accommodations and Accessibility

Student Accommodations and Accessibility



Accommodations are changes in the procedures or materials that do not alter what the test measures and are used to increase equitable access during assessments for the students with the documentation of the need for an Individualized Education Program/Plan or 504 Plan.

  • Read Aloud / Human Reader
  • Paper-based
  • Extended Time
  • Caluclator 



FocalPoint is responsive and accessible on a variety of browsers and mobile devices and does not rely on any Plugins. The program includes accessibility support to meet the needs of all learners.

Supports include an embedded text-to-speech tool, “Read Aloud” which can be activated on an individual basis for each assessment, depending on student needs or accommodations.  The system includes online tools similar to high-stakes assessments (calculator, highlighter, answer eliminator, ruler, magnifier, color contrast, etc.)



  • Read Aloud
  • Review
  • Accessibility - magnifier, color contrast
  • Flag/Bookmark
  • Tools - Calculator (Basic/Scientific), Highlighter, Ruler, Protractor


WCAG Checklist + Accessibility Statement

FocalPoint is committed to ensuring its products are inclusive and meet the diverse accessibility needs of our users. FocalPoint strives for WCAG 2.1 Level A/AA and Section 508 conformance. Regular testing is conducted to identify conformance issues, with processes in place for the timely remediation of accessibility issues that are identified. The statements below are accurate as of the date indicated.


FocalPoint has been evaluated according to WCAG 2.1 standards. Testing is regularly conducted using automated tools, assistive technology (such as screen readers, keyboard testing, etc.), and coding best practices. Mechanisms are in place for logging and fixing accessibility defects.


WCAG Checklist information is available on our support portal at:

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