How can I access real time assessment reports immediately after an assessment is scored?

  • To access the "Assessment Dashboards," navigate to the "Performance" section in the left-side menu and select the option for "Assessment Dashboards."

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  • The teacher is able to access and view the Assessment Dashboards.
  • By applying filters to the options mentioned above, the teacher can observe dashboards categorized by school, year, classroom, teacher, and course section.

  • Teacher can view classroom assessments and District assessments.


A) Classroom assessments:

Classroom assessments involve the ability for teachers to promptly access reports on classroom quizzes and formative assessments. These reports encompass Student Analysis, Item Analysis, and Standard Analysis.

  • To access the comprehensive assessment report, select the "arrow icon." Screenshot_2023-05-03_at_5.54.54_pm.png.
  • After clicking the dropdown arrow, the teacher can then view -

a) Student Analysis :This is where a teacher can access the analysis on a student-by-student basis.

  • To access the comprehensive assessment report, select the "arrow icon." Screenshot_2023-05-03_at_5.54.54_pm.png
  • In this section, the teacher can examine a comprehensive report/overview of each student categorized by item and standard. Additionally, the teacher has the ability to observe student responses, scores, maximum attainable scores, and the time taken by each student to address/respond to individual questions.

Note : The teacher also has the option to print the report by clicking on the Excel/PDF icon situated on the right-hand side.

b) Item Analysis:This is where the teacher can access the analysis of students' performance on an item-by-item or question-by-question basis.

c) Standard Analysis:This is the section where a teacher can observe the analysis of student performance categorized by standards.

B) District Assessments:

This section allows teachers to instantly access reports on exams and benchmark assessments. These reports are presented as Student Analysis, Item Analysis, and Standard Analysis.


Note: Identical to the previously mentioned information.

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