Are you seeing a Token Page when Logging in?

If you are seeing a token login page, you most likely selected Google or Clever from the login page instead of FocalPointK12. The token login page is the incorrect login page. If you have selected these login options from the past, you most likely will continue seeing the token login page until you clear your cache and cookies.

To get back to the correct login page, follow the below steps:

  1. Clear your cache, cookies, and browsing history
    1. Clicking Ctrl + Shift + Delete on your keyboard is a shortcut to clear your cache/cookies
    2. Google Chrome Support: here (screenshot below)
    3. Firefox Support: here and here3.png
  2. Close your browser
  3. Open a new browser
  4. Navigate to the URL again:
    You should now see the login page where you can select FocalPoint from the login page:

If you still see the token login page, please contact the help desk.

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