Resetting User Passwords

Resetting User Passwords:

  1. District Administrators have the authority to reset user passwords within the LENS Reporting System.

  2. Start by logging in to the LENS Reporting System using your credentials.

  3. On the left tab, locate and click on "User Management."

  4. Within the User Management section, the system will display a list of users.

  5. Find the user for whom you wish to reset the password.

  6. Look for the "Reset Password" button or a similar option next to the user's name and click on it.4.png

  7. The system will prompt you to confirm the password reset. Review the details carefully to ensure you are resetting the password for the correct user.

  8. Once you are certain, confirm the password reset by selecting "Yes" or a similar option on the confirmation prompt.

  9. The system will now proceed to reset the password for the selected user.

  10. Once the password reset is complete, the user will need to receive the new password through a secure method, such as email or an administrator providing the new password directly.

Please note that resetting a user's password will invalidate their previous password, and they will need to use the new password provided to access the system. Ensure that the user receives the new password securely to maintain the confidentiality and security of their account.

If you have any further questions or need assistance regarding resetting user passwords, please feel free to reach out for support.

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