Adding New Users

  1. District Administrators have the authority to add new users to the LENS Reporting System.

  2. To begin, log in to the LENS Reporting System using your credentials.

  3. On the left tab, locate and click on "User Management."

  4. In the User Management section, you will find the option "User Upload Template." Click on it to download the Excel template specifically designed for adding new users.

  5. Open the downloaded Excel template and enter the user details following the predefined format provided.

  6. Once you have added the users' information in the Excel template, save the file.

  7. Return to the LENS system and navigate to the User Management section. Look for the "Upload Users" option and click on it.2.png

  8. Select the saved Excel template file containing the new user details and proceed with the upload process.

  9. The LENS system will process the uploaded data and load the new users into the system. The users will then be displayed on the user list.

  10. As soon as the users are added to the list, the LENS system will automatically generate credentials for each user. These credentials include a login username and password.

  11. An email will be sent to each user, containing their login and password information. It is important to note that the successful delivery of these emails depends on the customer's email system and its security rules. In some cases, customers may need to whitelist emails originating from the FocalPoint system to ensure proper delivery.

Please follow these steps to add new users to the LENS Reporting System. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out for assistance.

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