Searching for a Question

When searching for a question, users have a variety of options.

  • In Resources > Questions, questions can be found under these three different tabs.Screenshot__721_.png
    • District Questions - Questions that have been shared across the district or organization, and also provider questions.
    • My Questions - Questions that the user has created.
    • My Shared Questions - Questions that the user has created and made 'Public', to be shared with all users in the district or organization.
  • Using the search bar.


    • Entering text into the search bar and selecting 'Go' will pull all questions that contain the searched words.
      • NOTE - This will also search for any bolded words, and will show results for both the Title and question.
    • To search for a specific question or question title, enter the title in double quotation marks ("").Screenshot__722_.png
      • NOTE - Using quotation marks will NOT search for bolded words in the question.
    • To clear the search, select 'Clear'.
  • Using filters.
    • To select a filter, click the desired filter, and then select the correct field to apply the filter. Multiple filters can be applied to narrow down the search. To cancel filters, select the 'x' next to a selected filter.
  • Changing the Sort Order.


    • A-Z Order - Sorts questions by alphabetical order, starting with A.
    • Z-A Order - Sorts questions by alphabetical order, starting with Z.
    • Newest First - The default sort order, sorts questions by newest created first.
    • Oldest First - Sorts questions by oldest created first.
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