Data Dashboard: Introduction & Overview (article)

What is the Data Dashboard?

The Data Dashboard is a landing page in the FocalPoint platform that provides visual summaries of data reports within the program. All visual summaries allow the user to dig deeper into the data by drilling into categories and filters.

How do you access the Data Dashboard?

If your district or school has given you a username and password to access FocalPoint, you can use this login information at

Your ability to view specific reports will be limited based on your login permissions. This guide covers all available reports on the Data Dashboard and who they are accessible to. Some reports may look and perform differently because of your specific implementation, data points, or other unique factors.


Introduction to Data Dashboard Reports

Each report overview in this section of the Help Center is intended to give detailed insight into the reports you may find on your Data Dashboard. You may see reports listed that you are not able to access due to permissions, implementation, or specific use.

All reports will have information explaining their intended use, data required to populate, and what information is displayed and accessible. Additionally, most reports allow for more granular exploration. The additional layered reports that belong to each visual summary will be shown throughout as well. 


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