Learning Tab: Scheduling Activities (article)

In a community, you can schedule activities with a start and end date and time. When activities are scheduled, students can only access the activity during the timeframe assigned via scheduling. If an activity is not scheduled, the student can start the activity at any point.

To schedule an activity, follow the below directions:


In the Edit Dates pop-up box, fill out the start and end date/time by clicking Select Start Date and Time… End Date and Time…. Once the start/end details are filled out, click Save.


Once you save, you’ll see the new scheduled dates/times.


If you’d like to change the dates/times, follow the above directions. When the Edit Dates pop-up box launches, change the date/time details and save.


A few things to note:

  • Scheduled activities are firm dates/times. Students cannot work on the activity until the start date/time arrives. Once the end date/time arrives, the student will be locked out from completing the activity.
  • Students can move past scheduled activities to non-scheduled activities.
  • When an end date/time arrives and a student needs more time, you have two options to extend time:
    • Update the end date/time for the activity. Please note this will give all community members more time.
    • In progress details of the student's activity, clicking 're-open' will allow the student to continue working.


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