LT Learners: Viewing a Student's Profile (article)

A student’s profile will show the student’s About Me, Credentials, Portfolio, Career and Notification Preferences.

At the top of the profile, you can view the student’s picture, first name, last name, and email. Here, you can impersonate a student. Impersonating the student will allow you to login as the student. Please note anything you do while impersonating a student will be logged as the student.


About Me will show features a student has filled out in his profile. Features include strengths, weaknesses, interests, etc. Clicking + next to the feature will expand the student’s answer.


Credentials will show all credentials the student has earned if your district is
utilizing Blockchain Credentialing.


Portfolio will show all portfolio posts a student has created. The + will expand the post.


Career will show all career fields the student has filled out. The + will expand the career field.


Notification Preferences will show you all notification settings the student has chosen.



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