Menu Toolbar: Apps, Notifications, Logout & Profile (article)

On the top right of your menu toolbar, you will see four icons: Apps, Notifications, Logout, and Profile.


  • Apps will allow you to launch into 3rd party tools such as Google Drive, Google Classroom and Google Calendar


  • My Notifications will house alerts such as new messages, new courses, upcoming meetings, etc. Clicking ‘All’ in the upper left will allow you to filter notifications by community, course, discussion, meeting, message, reply, student classroom and training assignee. You can also search by keyword or by Day, Week, Month or All Time. The + by every notification will expand the notification message


  • Logout will log you out of FocalPoint.
  • Profile will bring you to My Profile and Settings
    • My Profile allows you to create a bio, update login credentials, change your profile picture, add Zoom information, and edit notification preferences
    • Settings will allow you to customize your FocalPoint layout and color options

*If your district is using Blockchain Credentialing, you will see your Blockchain Address here


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