Student Test Center Registration

  • A student can use this URL - to register for online practice exams. Once they click the link, they will see the screen as shown below.Screenshot_2020-03-09_11.59.29.png
  • On the above screen, they provide their details like Firstname, Lastname and Email address and then click “Register”.


  • Once they have registered they will get an email with their credentials to access the site.


  • Once the registration is successful, then the student will select “Login” on the page shown below and use the credentials sent to them(through email) and hit “Sign In”.


  • Then they would see a screen where they “Change the password” and add a password of their choice.


  • Now they can “Enroll for an Exam” by clicking that button as shown below. Screen_Shot_2020-03-09_at_9.41.12_AM.png
  • Once they click “Enroll for an Exam” they would see the list of online practice exams and they just click on the exam and they would be automatically enrolled.        Screen_Shot_2020-03-09_at_9.41.48_AM.pngScreen_Shot_2020-03-09_at_9.42.20_AM.png
  •  The student can access this exam by selecting the “Launch” button on the next screen.       Screen_Shot_2020-03-09_at_9.45.07_AM.png


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