How Do I Create a FocalPointK12 Log-In Using Google?

  • From your Menu, as shown below, select ‘Administration’.
  • From the drop-down list that appears, select ‘Provisioning’.

  • Select the applicable School using the drop-down and search for the applicable Teacher.
  • Click on the pencil to edit.

  • From the ‘Add/Edit Teacher’ box that appears, copy the user’s ‘Username’ and ‘Token’ number. Exit this screen by clicking on the ‘x’.
  • Share this information with the user.

  • To log-in through Google, the user will select the Google emblem as shown below.

  • Using the First Name, Last Name, and the Token provided (see earlier step) . .

  • . . . the user will enter the requested information on the Token Verification screen that will appear.


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