AssessCloud: Glossary

Throughout AssessCloud, you’ll find some features you may be unfamiliar with. The below glossary will define different features you will see while navigating the platform.


Badge: This tab will appear if your district is utilizing our Blockchain. You can create a badge that the student can earn once completed.

Title: Assessment name that will be seen by all users.

Description/Instruction: This textbox is where you can add text the student will see at the top of the activity.

Show Answers: If this feature is turned on, the student will see the correct answer and feedback after attempting a question. Since this information is provided before the student submits the assessment, we recommend using this for self-learning implementations only.

Show Test Result to Student: This feature is only available for auto-scoring questions. If turned on, the student can view test analytics after submitting. Analytics include an overall score, time spent, score analytics, score by subject, etc.

Find Test: When adding an assessment, this button will launch the intended database for you to select the specific assessment.

Quiz: An assessment given by a teacher in a course.

Exam: A district assigned benchmark.

Reset: This will reset the assessment, including the student's answers and scoring.

Reopen: This will reopen the assessment, so the student can continue working. This option will not erase the student's answers or scoring.

Benchmark: An assessment assigned by a district user.

Token: This is the unique identifier that student's will enter to take an assessment at url:

Status: Shows the status of the student's assessment:

  • Not Started: Student has not started the assessment.
  • In Progress: Student is currently working on the assessment.
  • Pending Review: The student has completed the assessment, and is waiting for manual scoring.
  • Completed: The student has completed the assessment, and all scoring has been completed.

Performance: Shows the student's performance on an assessment. The terms and bands will be configured at the tenant level.

Due Date: After this date, the assessment will lock and students will no longer be able to access it. To reopen the assessment, the due date will need to be edited.

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