Speed Grader for 'Scorer' Role

To give a user the role of 'Scorer', check the 'Is Scorer' box in Provisioning. This role can be applied to an educator, school admin, district user, or district admin.


Where the 'Is Scorer' option is located for Educators.


Where the 'Is Scorer' option is located for District Users.


Assigning the Scorer role will enable the 'Speed Grader' menu option under 'Learning' for those users. 'Speed Grader' allows the user to blindly score and leave feedback for response questions for submitted assessments.

To use Speed Grader, select 'Learning' > 'Speed Grader'.


On the 'Assessment SpeedGrader' screen, select the desired assessment to grade.


On the 'Test Scoring' screen, enter a score and feedback (optional), then select 'Submit Scoring'.


The following roles will have access to grade select assessments:

  • Teachers - Can grade quizzes from their course-classrooms that are assigned for the user.
  • School Admin - Can grade all quizzes needing to be graded in the school.
  • District Admin & District User - Can grade all the exams (benchmarks) that need to be graded in the tenant.
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