How to Upload Local Assessment Data


To upload assessment data, you must either a MAARS Administrator or District User.

1. Click the “Assessments Management” tab on the navigation panel. Click on the "+" icon and identify the assessment type (TSG/NWEA etc).


2. Upload your assessment and click the Save button.

Note: If you do not see the assessment-type you need, contact your District Assessment Coordinator (DAC).

3. Assessment data is processed nightly and will be readily available the following day. Once an assessment(s) has been uploaded, the following information will be on display:



File Name

Title of the assessment.

Assessment Type

Type of assessment that was uploaded.

Uploaded On

Data assessment was uploaded.

Uploaded By

The user who uploaded the assessment.


Status of the uploaded assessment.

Completed- The assessment was successfully uploaded.

Uploaded- The assessment is still processing.

Failed­­- The assessment did not upload correctly.

*If a Failed status appears, contact your DAC.


How to Upload Local Assessment Data Video:




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