Publishing a Chart to the Data Wall in Adhoc Tool

  1. To publish a chart or data to the data wall, click on the 'Publish to Wall' buttonblobid0.png
  2. Enter the title of the chart (required)

  3. Enter description (optional)

  4. Select the category you want the chart to be displayed

  5. Select one of the three Publish options 
    • Publish to My Wall - The chart will be published to you, it will not be shared with any users in your organization
    • Publish to Catalog - The chart will be available to other users in the organization, but they can only drill to data if they have permission to view the data.  This is configured by their Role in the organization.
    • Publish to My Wall and Catalog - The chart is available to you and to the organization.blobid1.png
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