How to view details of a Course?

  • Each course has a few details apart from the activities. The "Home" Button points to the default landing page of the course  which gives us the insight of the course.


  • Learning tab-This tab provides the students with the activities inside each course.


  • Announcements tab - This tab shows the announcements the teacher publishes regarding the course.


  • Documents tab - Students will see the documents uploaded by the teacher .They can download these documents at any time.


  • Members tab - This tab provides the list of students who registered for this course . Also, this tab shows the Instructor for this Course. The students can hover over the icons beside the name of each user and determine the role of that user.


  • Goals tab - This tab allows the students to set up their goals while accessing this course.
    • They can setup a new goal by clicking on "Add Goal" tab. Once the goal is created they mark it as completed by checking the box beside it.
    • The students can also setup plans to each goal by clicking the "+" sign beside each goal.The plan can be marked "Completed"  by checking the box beside the plan.


  • Progress tab - Students will be able to see the progress of the activities in each course using this tab.Also, this tab shows the number of modules they have Started, Inprogress or Completed. 


  • Report Card - Report card allows the students to see the results of the activities they take while accessing the course. The other buttons highlighted in the screenshot below -
    • The results can be "downloaded" by clicking the icon on the right.
    • Also, if the results dont show up immediately , the student can use the "Refresh" button on the left.


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