How Do I Access Reports That Show Overall Mastery Of Standards?

  • To view assessment reports in FocalPointK12, first select the ‘Data Dashboards’ tab located on the left side of the page.


  • To view Formative reports, select the 3 dots beside the "Assessment Formatives" .  By default, this is the first report you land on when you enter ‘Data Dashboard’. Then the student will see the list of assessments they have taken.
  • From that list , the students can view Standards-Mastery reports by clicking on the bars that show the performance bands or by clicking the ' Name of the test" on the left side( highlighted in blue).


  • Throughout the reports, all the bars are drill-able allowing the student to dig deeper into the data and gain further insight into how  they are performing.  This page shows the students performance by Domain and Standard.



  • The arrows on the top shows that there is another page of the report. Once you’ve clicked the arrow and moved to the next page , you have the option to drill into and analyse results as a combined total by clicking on any of the color-coded circles.


  • Once the student clicked on a circle , you can view a report that shows them how each question is answered, the type of question, and the standard(s) aligned to that item.

  • Clicking on the + symbol to the left of the question expands the report allowing you to see the how the student answered the question.


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