How to Communicate with students in the Course?

  • Message Tab—Use the Message Tab to send private messages across students in your courses.
    • Select the Menu Tab located in the top left corner of the page.
    • Select the Messages Tab in the menu bar.
    • Select the ‘New Message’ Tab in yellow.
    • Select the ‘Participants’ Tab and scroll down to the student or type their name in the ‘Participant’s box.
    • Give the message a ‘Subject title’.
    • Enter the message and submit.
  • General Discussions—Use the Discussions Tab within each course to communicate with your class. This is a non-graded discussion board allowing for communication to flow across all members assigned to the course.
    • Click on a course where you wish to communicate via discussions.
    • Select the ‘Discussions Tab’ in the green header at the top of the page.
    • Enter your message and select ‘Post’.
  •  Feedback on Learning Activities—Instructors may wish to provide specific communication and feedback within specific learning activities (assessments, assignments, discussions, resources).
    • Click on a course.
    • Click on a particular learning activity.
    • Click on the performance/activity/scoring band located to the right of the student you wish to provide feedback to on the activity.
    • Select the communication tab in the green header.
    • Provide feedback/message to the student.
    • Click ‘Post’ to send the feedback.
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