How to create Learning Activities?

  • In the Learning Tree Platform, Instructors can supplement course work by adding the following learning activities:

    • Assignment
    • Assessment
    • Discussion
    • Resources 
  • Activities are created inside of the Learning Tree Designer. To access the Learning Tree Designer, toggle from ‘Virtual Learning’ to ‘Learning Tree Designer’. This is located just to the left of the +New Course Tab at the top of the page.
  • When you enter the Learning Tree Designer, select the course you wish to add an activity to by clicking on the appropriate tile.
  • Beside each Unit/Lesson, you will notice 7 icons:


  • Select the Manage Strategies & Framework Icon. Be sure to select this icon in the Unit/Lesson where you wish to add the learning activity.
  • Select the same icon which will show as ‘Activities’ beside Unit Level Strategy.


  • Select the + icon to add the activity.


  • Use the pop-up box to select the learning activity you wish to assign.


  • Fill out the Activity information by adding an assessment, posting a discussion, filling out assignment details, or adding digital resources. Click Save once complete.
  • Find the newly created activity in the Learning Tree Designer.
  • Be sure to publish the activity in the Designer so that it will then show in the course.
  • Leave the designer and go into Virtual Learning. Access the course, find the new activity, preview the activity under the details icon, and publish the activity when ready to deliver to students.
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