How to Navigate through the Course?


  • Click on the Menu Tab located in the top left corner of the page next to your school district/organization’s logo to access learning tools that can be used to support learning & teaching.
  • Select the following learning tool tabs to support online/blended learning:
    • Messages—Click on the Messages tab to view recently sent messages, to post messages to individual students, and to reply to messages received.
    • Assessments—Click on the Assessment tab to access the assessment engine.
      • Select ‘Tests’ to access pre-built test available from the item bank along with tests you created or that others have created and shared in the system.
      • Select ‘Questions’ to access question items available in the item bank along with questions you created or that others have created and shared in the system.
    • Content—Click on the Content Tab to access the digital content repository with thousands of aligned resources that can be filtered and used for planning instruction.
    • Data Dashboard—Click on the Data Dashboard Tab to access classroom and student performance results across all assessments taken inside of the platform. Drill down into the reports to view question item and standards mastery results.
    • Help—Click on the Help Tab to access the support desk. The support desk includes live chat, the ability to submit a technical request for assistance, and to access video tutorials, teacher manuals, and quick start guides across various aspects of the Learning Tree Platform.
  •  Click on your school district/organization’s logo in the top left corner of the page to refresh and return to the home page. The home page by default is the ‘Learning Tree’ Tab that shows all of the courses the teacher is assigned.

  • There are 5 icons located at the top right side of the page.

    • My Profile—Click on the My Profile icon to upload/edit your profile picture or to change/reset your password.
    • Apps—Click on the Apps icon to access any organization applications that have been configured for single sign on.
    • My Notifications—Click on the My Notifications icon to view notifications which are any communications/messages delivered in the platform.
    • Email Preferences—Click on the Email Preferences icon to customize your settings that will send you an email for messages, announcements, or replies.
    • Logout—Click on the Logout icon to logout of the platform.
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