Welcome to VIVIS

Welcome to VIVIS

It is my pleasure to introduce you to VIVIS!  The Department has been working with other agencies since August 2013 to implement a Statewide Longitudinal Data System, called the Virgin Islands Virtual Information System (VIVIS). VIVIS consolidates and links data that currently reside within many disparate data systems across Departments into one quality controlled secure, data repository.

VIVIS serves three purposes: aid, measure, and inform. VIVIS will aid teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders by giving them access to data, which can be used to inform instructional, programmatic, and administrative decisions. VIVIS will also measure students’ outcomes with the purpose of identifying strengths and areas for improvement.  VIVIS will pull all available outcomes, which will include K-12, post-secondary, health, workforce, and financial data.  Ultimately, VIVIS will inform systemic change.  By linking different levels of data (ex: student, school, program) over time, VIVIS will provide a holistic picture of combined efforts to serve our citizens.

Although this is a new initiative and we are still working on some pieces, it is our hope that you become a frequent visitor and avid user of VIVIS.  You can stay up-to-date on VIVIS initiatives and changes by reading the VIVIS newsletter. We welcome any and all feedback as we work to implement this groundbreaking tool.

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