What is the Data Dashboard and how do I access it?

FPK12’s Data Dashboard provides access to student performance results on a variety of progress measures, including tests taken within the platform and other measures such as state assessments (if provided by your district).  Reports are drillable to allow for deep analysis and review of student progress at various levels, including that of individual students.

  • Log-in to your Dashboard and select the applicable course.

  • Select ‘FocalpointK12’ from the Menu as shown below.

  • Select the ‘Lens’ tab as shown below. This will take you into FPK12’s LensTM
  • Your screen will refresh and appear as shown below (dependent upon data provided by your district).

  • Within Lens, you can drill deeper into data by clicking on the various blue links.



  • You can also export data into various formats by clicking here.

  • Refer to FocalPointK12’s LensTM Teacher Manual for further information. See the Help tab to locate this manual.
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