How do I find, select, and assign an existing assessment to students?

  • Select ‘Assignments’ from the menu that appears on the left.
  • Your screen will display a listing of all existing Assignments.


  • In the upper right corner of this screen, select ‘+ Assignment’.

  • Provide the test title, due date and the points, select the type of the assignment and click on more options to add the ‘submission type”.

  • Designate who you will ‘Assign’ to test to along with date information.

  • Select ‘External Tool’ as the submission type which will provide you with a list of options.

  • Click on the search button for ‘FocalPointK12 Assessments’ which will allow you to add tests or create tests through FocalPointK12.

  • Choose a test from the list of tests that will appear.
  • Then click on ‘Embed’ to attach the selected test to your Assignment.
  • Note that you can sort by ‘Newest First’ to quickly locate a recently created test.

  • When the screen below reappears, click on ‘Select’.

  • On the next screen, select ‘Save’.

Note:  By clicking ‘Save’ (instead of ‘Save & Publish’) you retain control of if/when your students will have access to the test.  The steps that follow will show you how to Publish later.

  • A screen will appear that shows you the name of your assigned Test along with the listing of students to whom it has been assigned.

  • From the screen above, click on ‘Assignments’. The screen will refresh and then you will return to the full list of your assignments.
  • Once you are ready to Publish, you can scroll to find your new test and ‘Publish’ it for students to take.


Your test will now be reflected as “Published” on the list of Assignments.



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