How do I create a new assessment for students?

  • From your Home screen below, locate ‘FocalpointK12’ in the menu on the left and select it.

  • From the screen that appears below, select ‘Tests’ from the tab at the top of the page.
  • The screen below will appear. Select ‘+Add New Test’.

  • From the screen that appears, you can filter as needed to locate items from the item bank that you wish to add to your new test.

  • Once you have selected the questions you want, click ‘Continue’…you will be taken to the ‘Test Detail’ screen.

  • Complete the ‘Test Detail’ screen and click ‘Save’.
  • You will receive a confirmation message that your new test has been successfully saved.

  • You can now use the directions provided on pages 5 – 10 of this manual to incorporate your new test into the desired Assignment.
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