How do I access reports that show overall mastery of standards?

  • To view assessment reports in FocalPointK12, first select the ‘Data Dashboards’ tab located on the left side of the page.

  • In the AssessCloudTM, you have the option of viewing reports that show standards mastery, district assessment results, and classroom assessment results. To view standards mastery reports, select on the ‘Standards Mastery’ Tab located in the top left corner.  By default, this is the first report you land on when you enter ‘Data Dashboard’.

Note:  At any point in the reports, select the blue arrow and it will take you back to the previous page/report you were viewing. This is a simple way to get back to where you started before drilling into the data.

  • The Standards-Mastery reports are available for each course/class you teach. Student rosters are updated daily and sync with your district’s student information system.

  • Teachers can view Standards-Mastery reports by clicking on the bars that show the performance bands, the blue arrow to the right of the bars which provides more details, and by clicking on the subject hyperlink giving you a general overview of performance across domains/standards.

When clicking on the subject hyperlink…

When clicking on the blue arrow icon…

  • Throughout the reports, all the bars are drill-able allowing the teacher to dig deeper into the data and gain further insight into how students are performing. You can then click on a domain or individual student to view individual student reports and additional reports.

  • Selecting an individual student takes you to the student learner profile. This learner profile includes all assessment mastery reports for a student across all subjects and assessments.


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